Basic tips to help you find an example of a compare and contrast essay introduction

An essay is a scholarly article or a literary academic writing where a descriptive write up is developed based on a particular topic or a subject. The article follows a unique rules and regulations or guidelines and the topics are furnished into many organized paragraphs.The general format of a descriptive article includes the following steps:

  • Title of the article
  • Introduction or preface
  • Article body
  • Conclusion

A compare and contrast article deals with detailed comparison of two or more subjects and the similarities and differences are evaluated. It also includes the analysis of each topic with the main article topic and a desired result is developed as the overall output. Introduction is one of the important section as far as your academic articles are concerned and it introduces the problem or topic to the readers. It holds the entire essence of the topic which you are elaborating through your descriptive writing. It also portrays the thesis statement of the article and the introductory section is usually developed as a paragraph or a two.

Tips to find a compare and contrast essay introduction example

  • Referring the college library: it is one of the best methods to find a sample article since you will be provided with a lot of articles which are prepared by previous students. You can study the formats, writing techniques etc by referring the samples prepared by your seniors. The library will also provide literature books which provide enough samples on each and every academic article irrespective of its format
  • Referring the internet: using the internet is one of the quickest ways to get the article samples and you will get effective articles prepared by professionals. You can refer many introduction samples for your write up and it will help you to develop a good write up satisfying all the guidelines
  • Educational forums and websites: there are many educational and academic forums available online which are started by professionals in the respective field. they assist you in providing article samples and they will help you to construct each and every sections of the article with utmost perfection. By registering to various educational websites, you can come across many article formats and introduction samples.

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