A List of 15 Controversial Essay Topics About American History and Culture

America is one of the continents with renowned history and culture in the world. There are multiple things that have been recorded down. If you are a history student, this may be one of your subjects of interest. Everything you need to know about crafting an essay on American history has been outlined here.

Where to find information about American history and culture

The only secret to coming up with great topics on this subject is to find the right reading materials. A number of students may find this useful especially those who are newbies. No need to panic. You can effortlessly get information from the following sources.

  • Hundreds of textbooks
    This is totally true when you want to get narrative essay topics. There are hundreds of textbooks out there which provide excellent information about American history and culture. As a student, it is your duty to identify and assemble them before you can start taking notes. Those who may find it challenging to get these books can get aid from their teacher or librarian.
  • From the database
    Apart from reading the original resources such as books and internet information, you may want to look at some samples. Each institution assembles its essays, research papers and theses once students have presented them and keep them in the database. This is accessible to all students with interest and you are therefore not an exception. You can get samples on the same subject and see some of the topics used.
  • From search engine
    A lot of people use the internet when they want to get information which may be absent in textbooks. You can also follow the same course. However, you also need to be careful when using this resource since it may be quite tricky. Some websites may have unreliable and outdated information. Get to know the most reliable sites from which you can gather information.

Below is a list of the best controversial essay topics about American history and culture. Read and choose your best here.

  1. How does the current American culture differ from that recorded for the 19th century?
  2. What is the importance of studying American history and culture today?
  3. What are the historical and cultural factors that led to the controversy in religious tolerance in America?
  4. What were the effects of the European arrival on American soil?
  5. What were the key factors that drove for the fight for independence in America?
  6. How did the slaves later benefit the Americans?
  7. Why did America gain early independence?
  8. What was the response towards the revolution for African Americans?
  9. What was the influence of war to American colonialists?
  10. What factors led to the end of slavery?
  11. What was the influence of the liberals to the rest of Americans?
  12. What are the failures of the early American government?
  13. What led to the formation of the Great compromise?
  14. How did the Jay treaty affect lives of Americans?
  15. What were the changes in American culture after independence?

This list contains perfect topics for high school and for students at any other level. You can choose any for your essay.

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